8/21/13 Iza wins Governor’s Cup and more

Good Evening:

Wow I do have news tonight. If you haven’t already heard, we had a big winner last Friday at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition iccwc logo held in the Twin Cities. The winner was our wine “Little Iza”, it won the Governor’s cup, this means it was chosen as the top wine of the show which included approx. 300 wines. Other winners for us include Draga and Salier with silver and Schatzi with bronze. For all the details on this click the link The Midwest Wine Press or The University of Minnesota or video
Millner Heritage Winery, Little Iza wins the Governor’s Cup!
Millner Heritage Winery, Little Iza wins the Governor’s Cup!

What is a real coincidence is that this vintage of Little Iza is now just ready to release. Too often an award winning wine is almost sold out by the time of the competition. Jon, Anna, Mary, and myself talked it over tonight and this weekend, August 22nd to the 25th, we are officially releasing this Governor’s Cup vintage for sale. With this vinatage available stacked from the floor to the ceiling, this weekend’s special is for all bottles of Little Iza at 15% discount. The Price is $12.70/bottle/plus tax. (Regular is $14.95/plus tax.)Little Iza
( That is if you buy only one bottle or a case, all get case discount.)

P.S. The real Little Iza, our granddaughter, is also very pleased like her daddy that this wine is a winner.

PP.SS. Last weekend I asked little Iza if now that she is growing up more, would she like to be called big Iza? Her answer in a very quiet voice, “No, I want to be called little Iza.”

PPP.SSS. You know how sometimes kids can just try to work your buttons? Last Friday Mary, Iza, and myself were in St. Cloud and stopped at Burger Tyme for a quick bite. Iza wanted hamburgers and we could eat outside. After we sat down to eat while Mary was going back to get more knapkins, Iza opened her burger to her fright to see it had mayo in it. She said, “I don’t like mayo!” I then, with out thinking said in a neutal voice, “Eat it or go hungry.” She stopped complaining and just ate away. By the time she was done, she told Mary that this was better burgers than at McDonald’s. Wow. I told one of my cousins about this and he said he also heard my Dad say the same thing when we were kids.

The vineyard tour will be again really good this weekend. The hot weather is just what the grapes need to ripen for good wine.


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