Tour Operators! See why we pride ourselves as having "The Best Vineyard and Winery Tours in Minnesota." Plus More...

Vintage ad for weddings at millner vineyard. A beautiful setting both indoor and outdoor. Call (320) 398-2081 for consultation or click to learn more. Vintage ad for tractor rides at millner vineyard. $4.50 rides, $4.50 tours. Fun for all ages, beverages for 21+ Call (320) 398-2081 to reserve a tour or click to learn more.

You’re Invited!

We would like to invite you to experience our Austrian-Hungarian style Minnesota winery. Please take the time to visit our gift shop, try a wine tasting, experience a vineyard & winery tour, as well as purchase artisan cheeses and various ethnic meats. We offer all of this, plus an opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about Minnesota grapes and wine. And if you come at the right time you might even be able to hear a little Austrian singing or see a bit of Hungarian dancing.